• Three Things Doctors Can Do to Help Runners Stay Healthy

    “Why am I experiencing knee pain?” Perhaps you’ve heard this question from your patients when seeing them after a running-related injury. This time of year, “fun runs” seem to occur practically every weekend, and training for year-end marathons is just as common. What many newcomers don’t realize, however, is that running is just like any other sport in that the body must be in shape to do it safely and effectively.

    When running, the force that crosses the knee joint is approximately three to four times our body weight. Knee pain is a common occurrence as a result of the load and repetitive motion, along with the activation of several muscle groups. So what can we, in the course of a typical checkup or routine medical consultation, say to help steer patients toward healthy running habits? Here, I’ve listed three things that physicians can do to help runners stay healthy.